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    Changsheng rice dryer client installation siteRice dryer professional manufacturers(The following are our real picture,Go figure)——Zhengzhou prosperous machinery co., LTD

    Changsheng machinery was established1987Years,Formerly state-owned yulong machinery factory,1993In formal productionRice dryer equipment,2001The joint institute of zhengzhou light industry was established in lab,Lay the ground for prosperous machinery rice dryer equipment industry leading a solid foundation,100Tons of rice dryer equipment drying furnace adopts the national famous brand“The yellow card boiler”。After decades of development,Millions of customers,Word of mouth。

    There are two factory,Big rice dryer(100Tons)Zhengzhou is located in the convenient transportation,Away from the shaolin temple50Kilometers,Factory employees50More than one,Sets3A sales office,Responsible for the country20An office of administration。Small rice dryer is located in the county industrial zones,Distance chenjiagou(Taijiquan birthplace)5Kilometers,Responsible for production and sales of small dryers。

    Rice dryers

    A full set of rice dryers which contains spare parts?

    Mainly includes the dryer、The cooling tower、Cleaning sieve、The tempering、Hoist、Hot blast stove、Fan、Circular conveyor、Belt conveyor、PLCElectrical control box、Hot air temperature instrument、Moisture detector、Other tools, etc。

    Accessories show

    What hot blast stove used as a heat source?

    Is generally adopted is coal,Big brown coal flame,Smoke,Combustion time is short,Must often add coal。Bituminous coal calorific value is higher,Burning heat quickly,A viscous,Easy slagging combustion。Suggest two kinds of coal burning,There are a lot of,According to the card number and the volatilization of choice。

    Use natural gas or biogas to be configured individually,The high cost,Price is expensive,Not cost-effective,We do not recommend option。

    We have hand stove furnace and furnace two automatically,Can choose according to need configuration。If you have don't understand,Can contact our sales staff155-6505-8875Consultation。

    Small rice dryer can use straw or wood?

    Of course I can,But more expensive than burning coal prices2Wan to5Million range。Can consider according to oneself circumstance。

    Your rice dryers with subsidies?

    There is,We set up in the country23An office,Professional people and local NongJiJu deal with subsidies,The fastest20A working days can get subsidies。Subsidies according to local policy,Can consulting office telephone access to local office's contact information0371-6325 0685.

    Buy your rice dryers,What is the after-sale policy?

    After sales policy for regional differences,Implementation of the policy is different。Such as the northeast region,A better policy than other areas,The specific cause inconvenience subsidiary。The following policy for your reference:From the calculation date after commissioning,Motor lifetime warranty,Only change don't fix it!One year warranty,Five years warranty,Except the wearing parts。

    The statement:

    According to many customers reflect to factory on the way often taxi driver under the guise of our factory name,To bring the other small factory to benefit from it,Remind the broad masses of friends here,On the way to the factory don't disclose information to anyone。The other factory has no branch factory,Don't give a reception。Please be cautious,Beware deceived。As in the encountered problems to the factory,Can call24Hours calls0371-63250685.